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Coldplay - True Love (Music Video) [x]

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call it true, call it true love

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true love + blue

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coldplaymania answered: Gonna be the downer – very disappointed in the disconnection between song and video. Expected something completely different

Yeah, like I said - me too. Is it weird that it makes me sad when I don’t like a video? I don’t really have a right to be disappointed, but I still am and it just makes me a little sad… The possibilities for this song were endless! I guess I just expected something different, too. 

Anonymous asked: I don't think it was offensive — it wasn't that only fat people can fall in love, but that even fat people can reach their dreams. The video was about them wanting to be in a ballet, not wanting to fall in love. And they found someone else in the same situation to help them overcome their setbacks. Also, the ballet with the thin ballerinas was also called "big ballet," as in fancy and important. So they too were in a fancy, good ballet like they dreamed. Love = reaching dreams, not romance.

Sure, you could see it like that, too. Though saying that “even fat people can reach their dreams” kinda makes me cringe, too x) Idk, like I said, I only watched it once and this was just my first impression.

The cool thing about good music videos for me is that even though they’re short & we don’t really know the intended message, they can mean something different to everyone watching it. I guess this video just didn’t work for me.

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angelsforeverforeverdemons answered:Love to hear what you think about it? I didnt think it was offensive, sad yes. Strong message.

Okay, so here’s why I thought it might be a little offensive: what I got from watching the video (once) is that only fat people can love fat people because thin people look down on fat people?? Plus why did they cut to the words “BIG Ballet Opening” (or something) a couple of times whilst the “big” people danced? That video plus the song to me felt like fat people are so desperate for love that they don’t care if you lie to them about it?? Idk, like I said, I only watched it once and didn’t think about it much, I was just slightly uncomfortable watching it & what I just wrote is just me trying to voice this uncomfortable feeling.